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January 31, 2010


Nowadays really have no time to blog.. once I turn on the computer it’s like MOUSEHUNT-CHECKEMAIL-WATCHVIDS-MSN-FB, then *poof time gone* and my parents stare at me with dagger-like eyes, telling me to switch it off again.

Bummer –.-

Less blogging is actually a really big sacrifice, cos when I pen down my thoughts or my days, it’s like reliving life with a second person perspective. Puts me in some sort of reflective mood.

Given the state of my really dead blog now, it seems like there’s some sort of void between cruise days and the present, halfway through orientation ‘10.

Anyway, some of the more significant things that I meant to blog about were

  1. 3 week impact leadership programme, GB camp & St. John’s camp
  2. First 2 days of Orientation- Mass dance ftw!, having AHS/SACPS people once again as schoolmates
  3. Transition to being a J1, like finally but not really..
  4. GSS shooting invitationals

Also rejected my previous half-done blogskin, got another but just real lazy to alter it- nuffnang, tagboard, twitter, star ratings, profile @.@

Okay, see if I still can remember stuff that happened to write those posts, cya!

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