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December 31, 2009


(Darn. Would have liked to continue the format I used to sum up 2008 last year, but nevermind.)

2009. Not the best year ever, but I'm okay with it. And why did it seem to zoom past so fast?
I have mixed feelings about wanting this year to end. Sure all those life problems would end with ip (at least I hope). But I really can't bear to leave this behind. Things that make up ip, the intolerance I have for certain stuff, how sometimes I feel like giving up but there is always something that will pull me back, stupid things that I go squeeeee over, sweet sad spastic moments.

- June 16 2009, estherangel.blogspot.com
For one, 2009 definitely was much more enjoyable than 2008. I emo-ed less, and especially not about stupid stuff. I guess I matured in my thinking, yes? Things seemed much clearer.

Special thanks to the three most awesome people in alphabetical order: Eileen, Qi, and Yunita, for making 2009 such a memorable year.

Hearts out to you!
I started off the year feeling anxious and scared of everything from 2008 carrying forward to 2009. There were problems, obviously, which mostly I just advoided. I know it wasn't right, but what's a girl to do?
#1 Random: Became in love with Taylor Swift songs.
And then school reopened and the most awesome table arrangement happened (: Loved my old tablemates still though. Less troubles to worry about.
#2 Event: SLC. Was pretty fun, but I can't recall much of it, other than it being sort of like, idk, last moments together? Damade came up with the coolest skit ever... haha fun moments.

#3 Random: The Rejects. Was never really part of it. But it was funny while it lasted, haha.

#4 Event: Floorball comp. This time I only did it as a favour.. But once again it confirmed my thoughts about FB not being the cca for me. But having the adrenaline rush during every game was something worth remembering.
Then came the time when I felt so empty and stranded. Don't wanna elaborate.. but most of all I'm glad I made this change. It might not be for the best, but yeah. Don't know what to say.
#5 Random: The Show by Lenka. My official anti-emo song (:

#6 Event: Class picnic. I feel that I can never look at the class in the same way again. I really loved how I felt 08v14 was a CLASS then.

#7 Event: Various rifle competitions. Every comp was a new experience, a new chance to do well. I need to shoot better!

#8 Event: ARC camp.

#9 Random: Geog option. Best option ever, together with the best groupmates (:

#10 Random: Selective hearing! :D

#11 Random: Japanese dramas: Binbo taro, Atashini no danshi, Mei-chan no shitsuji

#12 Event: Sleepovers @ Qi's, eileen's hotel room <3

#13 Random: ARC SECRETARY 09/10
Half the year went past, and it was handover. ARC never seemed the same again, the J2 were the best part of being in this cca.
#14 Random: English drama SKINS, GLEE

#15 Random: BOF! Kim Hyun Joong, mega loves!

#16 Random: Biggest change ever in my schoollife.
Did VERY BADLY for end of years, biggest regret ever. Don't know what went wrong with my mentality, I just couldn't put by heart into it.
#17 Event: Chinese o'levels. Set on my birthday, bad memory.. just hope that I won't feel the need to retake it next year.

#18 Event: Prom

#19 Event: Vietnam Trip. The very first time going overseas with friends, definitely exciting, not to mention real scary. Had a wonderful 7 days with qinghui and hannah, don't think I'll ever forget it.
Then came the most terrible period ever for me, for without a proper handphone, music device and labtop, jingxin isn't really jingxin. Plus all the other random nonsense like losing my sim card and another motorcycle burn ):
#20 Event: Natalie's party & sleepover. Great fun.

#21 Random: MOUSEHUNT. Hello to horning every 15 minutes, and more sleepless nights (:

Suppose you can tell I'm getting quite lazy at elaborating, so that's it.

Thanks to everyone who was part of my 2009 <3

2010, here I come!

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