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December 13, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

December the Ninth is the fateful day I became addicted to mousehunt. Omg I seriously have no life. Staying on the computer like 10 hours just so I can press the retarded horn every 15 minutes.. Ah well.

Now it's on maintenance so at least I feel.. free. Haha.

Thursday I went to jurong swimming complex with my family, it's a bit like wild wild wet, but with less facilities and so much cheaper. Had a good time :D Loved the water slide and the lazy river and all that watery stuff.

Friday was a fun day (: Went to eileen's house to do random stuff and watch breakfast at tiffany's, then to yunita's to do even more random stuff, hahaha. Board games ftw!

It's like going back to childhood days, visiting friends and all. Like being a teenager, with prom, movies, shopping and stuff, just tires me out sometimes, y'know?

Guess I'm just weird.


Haven't been blogging much, keyboard.. issues.

Spent the whole weekend on the computer, mousehunt. and just watched Jennifer's body, totally creeped me out.

11 days to Christmas! So not excited 'cos that's the day I'm supposed to hand in my project. Am so so so so so so gg-fied.


I hoped no one bothered to read all this. Losing interest in blogging, it's like who cares, like seriously? Plus I don't even blog everything out so it's not even a proper diary of any sort.


Another week ahead. Better stop avoiding reality. Shooting tomorrow, yay! :D

P.S. I miss you EIleen ):

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