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December 15, 2009

Non-Shiny Christmas Balls

Idiot MH. I swear I will stop obsessing over it and actually do stuff that absolutely need to be done, like

  1. Project
  2. Christmas presents
  3. ARC stuff

So freaking annoying can. Waste my com battery and and sleep time (which is like oh-so-precious) and then it's like time & effort not equal to result so in conclusion- it is a retarded game.


Anyway. Training in school today.. shooting didn't go very well. In fact I did pretty badly since the last time I ever shooting with a suit. Like eons ago.. I don't even remember when.

Gosh, how am I going to shoot properly for cjis on thursday? ):


I hate that kind of feeling when I want to perform better than someone so badly, until all the slightest bits of activity are cause for comparison. It's like I become blinded towards my own progress, and any hindrances towards that particular's person's advancement makes me secretly glad.

During these times, the phrase 'One's greatest enemy is oneself' comes to mind, and i don't know, sometimes it's difficult to set clear goals for myself without referring to other's, and isn't it even more redundant and scary if I become self-satisfied of achievements that are not enough for me to excel?

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