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December 06, 2009

Me talking to myself

Hello, it's 1.33am and it feels like it's 1.33pm.

Today, helped eileen with her blogshop design (should I advertise?) haha. It's was nice as life has been shit for the past month or something (except for the vietnam trip). And just having someone over at my house is already pretty awesome, for me.

Just that we didn't go flea, so sad! D:

Given the current circumstances, I can't wait for school to re-open, orientation, re-meeting scary AHS people jc syllabus tutorials lectures whatever I don't care anymore I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Really! Who cares about having holidays when they are not holidays anymore? ))): x infinity

I just don't welcome the idea of having a new class which totally new people ): Was watching the prom teacher's day video and it made me feel sad all over again D:

How can I survive without ip omgzxz?!

Oh well, it's me. Being too comfortable with what I have, however unsatisfied I may seem to be.

Anyway, just hope I don't give first impressions that I'm a scary dao shy complete with a default |: on the face girl. Like how man. Sure ultimate fail one.

Haha incoherent comments.

Right now I'm thinking of what to do tomorrow. Most definitely do not want to use the computer, super tired of it. See how you like it after being metal-chained to one for 10 hours, without audio, in ntu summore! Like omg man computer lover like me also scared already.

Am thinking of just sleeping through the whole day, and reading a book.

Just hope that I don't get nagged at. Will totally ruin my precious Sunday >.<

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