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December 08, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white christmas~

I love that song. Especially the choir version omg hearthearts!

Am now at a the post-stress stage, called 'Beyond caring". I suppose it'll get me into trouble (and perhaps really soon), but I can't be bothered. Right now.

Finished reading "A Spot of Bother", shall save on the review because I am quite the ignorant and shallow book reader, so hmm. Well at the very least it made my life situation seem a lot better. With much less drama. "More in proportion", as quoted from the book.

I also watched 17 again, which was expectedly, and unexpectedly nice. Expectedly cos I already read the reviews, which said that zac effron was unexpectedly good in this film, so. And I didn't know Michelle Trachtenberg was starring too! She's awesome on gossip girl, hees.

Totally regretted not going training today. Darn I soooooo wanted to shoot really really REALLY badly. Someone very very idiotic totally ????, when I made time and gave up going to school. And I'm not getting into trouble because there are no names (: Now I sound like xiaxue. Haha.

You know, life is pretty enjoyable, at this very second .

And now, it isn't (:


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