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December 22, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Lol people actually do this!

Christmas party and sleepover was great, thanks to Natalie for hosting (:

Never really a party person, but getting together was nice, just eating, talking (not really), taking photos and watching movies (nightmare before christmas, love actually) .

Then eileen came over and we had sleepover! <3 Watched more movies (sweeny todd, sleepy hollow), omg poltergeist :O Sweeny todd is really nice. And mass mousehunting, with qi going 'no life' over and over again.

Natalie's bedroom is super loves!


Today, woke up sick, checked my temperature and it' was 40.89 degree celsius. Think there was something wrong with the thermometer, I didn't really feel that bad. Was going high watching the temperature keep rising, haha.

I should bring that thermometer to school next time they have temperature checking!

My stomach is permanently on 'I'm very very full' mode now, just now I couldn't even eat dinner, which was ): Think I screwed it up quite badly.


Should I cut my hair again? Having no long hair really sucks because I can't look all girly and pretty hahaha. But it's at this length which looks all weird and ugly and I don't wanna tie up my hair during orientation, so. Hmm.


Need to start being productive and stop mugging mousehunt, lol.

1:58am I sounded the Hunter's Horn. I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 6 oz. Abominable Snow mouse from the Festive Comet worth 1,745 points and 1,756 gold.

Am going to sleep a happy girl (:

Ok no wait 15 more minutes..

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