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December 26, 2009


Happy Christmas everyone.. through it's pretty late and all.

Christmas hasn't been exactly the festive day like how it's supposed to be, like how everyone puts it.

In fact the only times I felt the Christmasy feeling was from Natalie's party a week back, and the fact that I see a Christmas Cracker weapon grinning back at me everytime I open the mousehunt page, red and green, candycanes and all.

Still, I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas this year (:


It's quite difficult to blog now without leaving traces of mousehunt everywhere, seeing how I have spent most of my holiday waiting for 15 minutes.. qi puts it as 'no-lifeness', I kinda agree with her, but yes albeit offended because it's not like she was ever into it.

It's like how people hate twilight and then they go all 'vampires are stupid and dumb', simply for the sake of it, y'know? It seems to me that they are just ignorant & trying to go be all high-and-mighty, going with the flow and being so critical of the book series. If you haven't actually read the book or watched the movies, how do you know it's bad?

I suppose I'm probably addicted to mousehunt already haha. I feel that it keeps my holiday going, maybe cos I feel.. purposeful? Idk lol.

It's nice to talk to random people about an online game, it's like no stress and all, just simply (seriously) discussing about stuff that don't actually matter, having this common interest and creating a virtual bond.

It's also absolutely SQUEE-ish-ly nice to have all the kind people who actually care to help in the progress of the game. Makes me feel like I'm part of a community, sort of like being in the circle of warmth, hahaha.

Too much imagination taking place.


Oh and saddening news. My labtop is officially out of use after I surrendered it to my dad yesterday, who claims to be able to fix it. Sigh. Much as I totally abhor my vaio running at snail-pace and having a totally unfunctionable (look I just created a new word!) nonfunctional keyboard buttons, having no computer to myself is just torturous.

Imagine having to share the computer with 3 other brothers who are equally desperate!

And then it again dawns upon me that I have the most ancient handphone ever with no one but myself to blame, and that is just ):

Hearing about how people just got new labtops, itouch-s, blackberrys, dslrs just make me go all swooning & infinity times maximum envious! Teenage materialistic behavior acting up again, ahh.


Been neglecting this blog for quite a while, every time I visit this place it feels all deserted and everything ): Sigh. It's kinda weird how this place has been iconic of me, somehow or another. Haha.

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