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December 17, 2009

Best friends

It's ironic how I set out in IP wanting one. Really! There' was even a checklist. It was childish. And look how far I've gotten. Just looking back, I realised that I pretty much have been a failure in this aspect.

Maybe it because I'm just not so lucky, or I don't quite meet the standards for being a 'best friend', or even having one.

Wouldn't say I would have liked it the way it is, the way it had been. Obviously it had made me learn so much.

But who wouldn't want someone to pour your thoughts, someone who you know you can rely on, someone who places you on the top priority just as you do? And most importantly, someone you can trust.

Maybe I really do have best friends, just not the in-you-face-bffs, because best friends are so primary school, and labelling is just childish and a perfect display of bimbo-like behaviour.

Wouldn't stop wishing though.

Bye, from the weird girl who doesn't know who reads these weird shit.

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