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November 17, 2009

Some sort of misplaced reminiscence

Thought I would post about how ip is over and all that sappy stuff. About how everything that happened these two years, all the 'drama' that happened, good or bad- were for the better, and definitely built up a stronger character in me.

How I will miss, being in this small little community of people with lovely classrooms, and taking part in activities that we all thought stupid. But perhaps I wouldn't even care what we do as long as everyone was in it together, as a cohort.

Which is probably unheard from me anyway, like, uh, me? Jingxin? I don't even talk to more than half of them!

But still. Just looking around yesterday night at everyone having fun- thinking how this will be the last time we will be together offically, as the vip class of 08, being part of an event in the ip calendar, brought tears to my eyes.

And weirdly, I will give anything to walk through the 4th story corridor of T-block again, like how I always do before school, to peek through classrooms, greet nice people lurking around.. & probably feel like an ip student once again.

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