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November 16, 2009

Rants rants rants

I kind of don't want to sleep.. because I don't want tomorrow to come.

Been ages since I had that feeling. (Ain't possible during exams because I can't even sleep even if I wanted to.)

Tomorrow will be the night I end ip life, yet this is not the way I want to end it.

So many words left unspoken, feelings left ignored..



Plus the fact that I probably won't even enjoy prom. I bolded probably, so there!


I am annoyed when people do not answer my questions and just leave it hanging. Hello, when I end with a question mark, I expect a reply that actually answers the question, yes?


I don't see how I am wrong at all. You have no right, plus you didn't even tell me what happened after that. And things were doomed to turn out like this, anyway.

I care so much that I gave in even though you were being ridiculous. So please stop acting so high and mighty, thank you very much.


I can't stand this anymore. It's so tiring, most of time I just want to scream- IT'S JUST LIKE THAT TAKE IT OF LEAVE IT!

And seriously.. if everything that takes place in your mind is about getting the hell away from here, if not about how life is unfair,  what is the point anymore?

There is something called effort put in = results, if you don't even try, and sulk in the corner all the time, how can you expect to get the same treatment in return?


Yet I ask myself, why do I keep blaming others when I know there is a lot to blame on my part too.

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