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November 18, 2009



I bet her parents blast her with Taylor Swift's music all the time.

"I love New York!"


A typical holiday life of mine:

  • Reading Princess Diaries on public transport (and trying to hide the cover)
  • Travelling FARFAR all the way to NTU in boon lay..
  • Having rifle training

I am VERY BUSY this holiday, like seriously! Not that I'm not glad, buuuut.. it seems like I no longer have time to just lay around and slack and, you know, enjoy life and living the moment. HAHA now I don't even know what I'm talking about.

I'm picturing myself relaxing by the swimming pool, drinking a glass of martini. Very random.

So anyway, decided that I WILL sleep everyday before 12!!! And wake up at before 8. In an effort to make sure I have time for everything.

And I will watch a movie every two days, at least (:


Today, sent hannah off at the airport! D:

You can ignore this part.

Before that, the stupidest thing happened to me. Woke up at 11, reached changi airport around 11.30, decided I was early, so I sat down to read my book.

Then, god knows why my watch decided to lag on me for half an hour, without me even knowing. So after for what seemed like an eternity, got an sms. (At least I heard the alert)

This was because my phone's display went all GREEN @.@ Argh. Switched it on and off, and on and off. So I walked around.. until I saw a wall clock.

Thought it was spoilt but figured out they wouldn't have clocks that were 30mins later hanging around, hello, this was an airport!

So anyway, someone called me and I had to recall what button to press to accept the call, cos my display was still not working -.-

The end.

Hannah, will miss you, see you in vietnam very very soon! :D In the meantime, I will try to struggle through antennas all by myself..


I do not like you like that. It's sad to see you morphing slowly, day by day becoming someone getting more and more foreign to me.

I don't want to lose you.

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