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November 11, 2009

16 candles

I think it has been a tradition not to do a blogpost on my birthday.

Probably cos I don't like going, "HEY EVERYONE IT'S MY BRITHDAY TODAY!". I sound like I don't really make a big fuss out of birthdays, but yet I do. Much like a little six year old, yes?

I bet I knew it was your birthday when it came. I suppose I just didn't wish you.. sound redundant. Nevermind.

Very often, I am depressed on the tenth of November of every year. I have no idea why! I suppose I have this impression that:

Birthday = lovely birthday cake + lots of people singing birthday song + birthday party with lots of decorations + birthday wishes! (There is another equation though, which I shall not mention. It involves a much quieter affair.)

And then I'm disappointed with my birthday. Or my birthday is disappointed with me. Maybe it's like an ideal situation which will never happen because I am not six and I am jingxin. Which stands for alot.

(Not. Making. Sense.)

Well, well! What the hell, it's just another typical day, how fantastic can it get? Childish me!


Nevertheless, I was quite happy today.

Got many many birthday wishes, though I wished facebook would stop reminding people of birthdays so people might actually put in effort to remember, such that it becomes more sincere.

And I think that talking to people who are not caught up in my little less-than-drama-world cheers me up.

I can like, become more relaxed and just pleasantly happy. And usually I only remember good stuff from the past, so I'll just like you and miss you alot alot if you were a long lost friend or something (with exceptions).

Weird theory but nevermind. Still, it's a good thing no doubt!


I LOVE MY MUM! She made a birthday cake even though she was really busy today! Ice cream cake summore! And considering how I was deprived of ice cream for very long.. :D

Me is a happy girl.

Sometimes things like this make me think that cake shops selling birthday cakes are superficial.


Chinese O'levels was stupid. The fact that I've to go to school tomorrow is even stupider. And how I've to keep depending on people is the ultimate super retard of all.


Plus I'm supposed to have slept ages ago. Whattheheck.

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