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October 06, 2009

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

500 days of Summer

If I told you I'm glad that finals are finally over.. I'm not.

I can't believe how badly I did. I've never done so badly in an exam in my entire life.

And yet I couldn't be bothered. Why?

Ohmygod this is going to turn out to be such a broody post D:

Oh forget it. Shall be sad when results come back.

In a mixture of closure, tiredness, relieveness and definitely, regret. Oh what is new?


Exam days:

  • watching okto sneakily
  • being defiant and stare at work for what seems like forever
  • using the computer for what was supposed to be 30min but became 3h
  • sleeping in the afternoon and staying up the whole night till the exam
  • luxury of having the aircon in my room 24/7
  • smsing eileen at unearthly hours and having her call me to make sure i don't sleep w/o realising

Post exam days:

  • anything that doesn't involve studying, durh
  • shopping! sleepover! arcade!
  • english/ japanese/ korean drama, manga, movies, anime :DDD
  • blogging, blogskinning, photoshop, flash
  • pet society, farmville, maplestory, neopets hahahah
  • chinese 'O's
  • D&D
  • vietnam trip!
  • cruise!


Quite excited (:

On other note, my computer fixed itself! It's like magic! Oh I watched an episode of spongebob on MAGIC yesterday & it was awesome. And yes I was watching it although I was supposed to be doing math ;/

Waiting for gossipgirl to finish downloading! And Avatar in 14 minutes.

Thaipan with the class today! More than half the class went, so it was pretty cool.

Butter squid + Jade toufu = Yum yums (:
Sour pork ribs + Broccoli + almond jelly = Not that yums but still yums (:

Played zhongjimima, hahahaha. Fun. Ok not very fun.. and glad that I wasn't so lucky. Would have said that the mixture of gross food wasn't that gross anyway, but that would be because I didn't kena.. close call!

Omg I remembered the last time I played was like, secondary 1, during PE? Haha while watching people play basketball. Without the food of course.

Those days. I wonder how many AH people are coming to VJ next year? Good luck to those taking 'o's!! Make sure you come! :D Open house is on friday evening!!

Doubt anyone will see this anyway so yea.

I still can't believe that ip is nearly over, I can't believe the curriculum is gone. I'm still like going, is there a chem test next week, or something?

I'm going to be a j1 in 3 months time.

I can't believe it.

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