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October 22, 2009



This is a gloomy blogskin for a change. But don't really fancy white words ): Spent 2 hours on it!


Watched "A Walk to Remember" just now, it's a pretty sweet movie, I really liked it. (Though I'm sure leen/qi will feel otherwise.)

I <3 Mandy Moore's singing voice!

vMUN on tuesday and wednesday was fun. Not much participation on my part though (duh)- can never do public speaking. Watching others speaking was quite enriching and entertaining, haha. Especially all the funny out-of-order stuff.

Pink cows and pink joy! :D

Oh and kudos to the press which I thought was pretty amazing considering how they got the publication done at the end of the two days.

General assembly was just plainly entertaining because of personal reasons, uhum uhum (:

Today's inv!gorate. Hate the sun- will remember to put sunblock tomorrow! Girls' soccer was good, v14 seemed to do quite well. Hooray to penalty shoots! :D Not so much for guys' basketball though ;/

Taboo! was fun, will NEVER AGAIN go up to speak because I just plainly suck ): Oh well, never good at expression anyway. Playing charades by ourselves was much more amusing haha. Qi's rendition of wushu was.. weird! xD

Oh and we're getting back chinese tomorrow. Definitely going to be my highest scoring subject!

(Btw I'm so afraid of getting back papers next week, really.)

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