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October 09, 2009

She's got you high & you don't even know yet

The title's lyrics from a nice song in 500 Days of Summer.

Post exam days have been insane. I don't even get enough rest! Well sort of blame it on myself 'cos was too busy having fun. But can you believe that it's possible to slack too much until you become tired?

Anyway, been really lazy and tired to update lately. What happened to the blogging bug? No one blogging these days although exam's over ):


Went shopping at Bugis with Qi, Bought some stuff and yes Qi I am frugal like that, hahaha. Saw a couple of nice clothes at Bugis street, might go back to buy them someday! But am saving money to shop in Vietnam! Awesomeness (: Though really tight on moolahs.

We both were so tired from walking that we sat on this escalator that went three stories up, which was like o.o Longest escalator I've ever seen, haha!

We also came into consensus that two of us have totally different tastes, hah. I kept pointing at floral print dresses and going, 'Qiqiqi look at this, it's soooo pretty!', fully expecting her to go 'yeayea jing say how many times already!'. And the 'Guess how much is this' game is the most -.- game ever x)

Afterthat we were both starving, but so distracted from all the cutesy shops that sold soft toys, notebooks and diaries, toothbrush cases, and all sorts of adorable merchandise! Were like, ohmygod-ing and awwwsocute-ing all the way (:

Pepper lunch for dinner! Pepper dinner hahaha.


Twitter: Went ice skating today! Brings back memories. I got a blister ): 500 Days of Summer was really nice! Totally loved it.

Was supposed to meet poor eileen at macs, due to unforeseen circumstances (uhum uhum), things didn't turn out so well. Leen gave me her happy kids meal toy! :D Hahaha my brothers loved it, really, used it to decorate their lego tower (which is officially named the Wonder Women tower now..)

It's a wonder women toy thing, by the way.

Ice skating.. didn't turn out so well. 'No fear' jingxin, yeah right :/ Was holding on to the railing like I was clinging on to my life lol. Totally forgot how to skate. Bah.

Then I fell, perfect representation of ???? 0.0 Was like super AWWW but it was okay after a while. But then after going round and round the edge of the skating rink for uncountable times, got more confident, but had a really bad blister D;

Damn you ankle socks!

We really must go back again soon to regain my pride in iceskating. I. Will. Remember. To. Bring. Socks.

500 Days of Summer <333 Reserved comments but it was a really nice movie. Loved the funny effects of how the movie was shown. The things the couple did were so random and funny (IKEA!) And they look so cute together.

I realise I have very limited vocabulary.

After the movie was a series of pointless walking :/ Felt very weird indeed.


Continue tomorrow. Going to sleep! :D At least I hope so.

New music video by taylor swift! (:

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