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October 27, 2009


(I shouldn't be typing this here.)

I don't know whether it's because I'm not feeling well.

Or that the range is involuntarily locked by the freaking school.
and that I haven't been shooting for so long though I really miss it,
don't even KNOW when I'm able to.

Or that I couldn't go for ice cream chefs today though I really wanted to,
like eat my favourite food since i-don't-know-when.

Or that I got D: results for chemistry,
and bio. (and I know it's my bloody fault for not putting in any effort at all.)

Or that Chinese 'o's are in ~10 days,
and my birthday in ~10 days,
and prom in ~16 days,
and Vietnam trip in ~20 days,
and cruise.

Or that I feel so choked around you.

Or that I'm so afraid of confrontations.

Or that my !#%^& retard of a keyboard does stupid things like spam stuff,
annoys me like hell.

Or that I'm being so materialistic hankering after wifi, itouch, netbooks,
although I'm 100% sure I won't get anything.

Or that my science attachment is freaking cheem.

Or that there's pt tomorrow.

Or that the latest episode of gossip girl cannot download.

Or that I feel like I'm not needed, 
annoying everyone that I talk to,
but I'm sure I'm just being both obsessive & possessive.

Or that I haven't done my Chinese homework.

Or that I'm so uncertain about the future.

Or that I can't wait to get away,
yet I can't let this go.

Or that I can't go anything about everything.

Or that I feel so displaced,
and forgotten,
and lost.

Or that I'm just being a whiny idiot.

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