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August 10, 2009

Nursery tales

No, I did not take this from tumblr.

It's amazing how many old children books I have at home- have a whole storeroom dedicated to it.

My mum always say it's a sin to throw books away, or do any kind of injustice to it. She tells my younger brothers, "'Books have spirits!', whenever they step or jump on them (what do you expect, these books blocking the doorway?).

I guess it's how I've been brought up to respect books, however inanimate objects they are (:

Watching NDP.

I think this year's parade is really different from previous years- for one the national day song is some rockband song, not like those melodious kind last time. Anyway, back to the parade, it's really funny how suddenly people start dancing the macarena on stage, hahaha. Then there're the funny stuff that mediac0rp artists do every year.

Oh what in the world happened to all our past year national day songs??

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