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August 22, 2009

This will never end.

I need alotalotalot of four-leaved clovers.

Another depression post so you should stop reading.

I guess blogging for me is like some sort of theraphy. Everyone in this world hardly listens to me anyway, at least I know that my problem can be someone else's entertainment or something. Mmm weird thought.

There's somehow like an overwhelming change, and suddenly I realise that this is NOW or NEVER. If I'm going to screw it up there's no going back. And yet as this very obvious truth (which everyone kind of knows now) dawns on me, I get even more restless and frustrated. I can't do anything right.

Then I get annoyed at everyone and I don't even make an effort to hide that fact, or at least try not ruin things. Everything is already bad enough- why do I keep making it worse?

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