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August 24, 2009

"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time."

~ Marcel Proust

Ten things that I did today:

  1. Got complimented for my singing (insert happy face).
  2. Nearly late for PE.
  3. Scored a basketball (yay).
  4. Got a scolding.
  5. Felt inferior.
  6. Didn't eat lunch (hungry D:).
  7. Kind of enjoyed lastmin mugging before test.
  8. Screwed up geog test (pretty sure I'm going to fail).

    Because no one bothers to listen to my pitiful plight, I shall write it down here and bore everyone. A veryvery stupid me went to put the central idea was globalism for my concept map when it was supposed to be cetered around globalisation. Ohmygod that means all the links to globalism are wrong! Gahgahgah that means like 5 marks gone D:

  9. Did my last wraitec EVER.
  10. Broke a toenail.

Okay. Not a very nice day indeed.

Honestly, don't know why I'm in such a seifsoifesdjfk mood.

Ohohoh wanted to write this down. List of duets I listen to! I love duets, they make me feel.. well, less lonely.

  • Disney Anastasia- At the Beginning
  • Jason Maraz- Lucky
  • Juno- Anyone Else but You
  • HSM- Start of Something New
  • HSM3- Can I have this Dance
  • Wuding (chinese)
  • Liang shanbo zhu li ye (chinese)

I think there's more, can't remember at the moment. See ya!

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