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July 01, 2009

You are the subset to my happiness set

I was going to do an angry post yesterday but was too pissed to even turn on the computer. Forget it then, else I might just cry thinking about it again.

Totally slept through yesterday (was planning to sleep at 5am, end I slept at 9pm), and hecked about chinese test. Note: was having a really bad headache too, not my fault. Didn't do too badly, I think. I hope. Don't even understand why I was/am so worried about it.

School's back again, and apart from the sudden highness from the first day of school (i.e. delirious behaviour from being broke), it's back to reality and the fact that I'm sitting right smack in front of the teacher now so there's absolutely NO way of not listening in class (unless i'm daydreaming which is a high probality come to think about it). I guess it helps.

The email which I didn't see yesterday is freaking scary. I need more peserverance. (Lol, need to be more like who? Einstein, Lincoln? Screw chinese test.)

I think I'm going to have a permanent headache for the rest of this year.

P.S. Pretty clothes i can never afford + bubbly milk chocolates + fried mars bars + salmon sushi = ♥

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