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July 09, 2009

You are the bubble to my popsicle

XX: 1 quit reading a b1og when the 1st three entries are angry/depressed ones.
Haha I think she would have quit mine long ago!

Today..................... was another of the days that have been like this since the past few days. How wonderful, yes?

Anyway, on a happier note, tomorrow's friday :DDD And the day after is SATURDAY. NO SCHOOL!

And much condolences to my w910i that as finally died, i.e. OK button spoiled. Fyi for the past few days, it has slowly drifted off by screwing the cancel, pop-up, option, engage, disengage buttons.. one-by-one..

It's ok. It's gone. New phone on the way! SO EXCITED. It has just occured to me that I'm purposely exaggerating because there is nothing in life to be excited about now i.e. everything is so depressing.


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