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July 26, 2009

A week in words

As if there isn't enough of school, I dreamt about school last night D: hahah there was this lesson where everyone had to talk about the 2 things that they love most. Lol sounds like primary school.

Anyway, purpose of post: record down stuff that happened so that in ten years time I can look at this post and go 'oh ya i actually did this!'. Mm yea. Cos the last few days have been spent in self-depression so the posts were kinda redundant.

Racial Harmony Day
Chem QA was kinda fun
Went running with janice.

Chionged home?

LA test which owned everyone
Watched HBP with eileen, natalie, serqi! $3.50 meesiam (:

Econs presentation D:
Physics practical which turned out to be an utter mess.

Half-day! Went eileen's house after school
- watched her childhood vids which were sososo very cute! (note to self: must go find mine too!)
- Knew of the existence of the MEE GORENG MAGGI MEE. Toyum maggi was super yums. "Maggi mee is a work of art" -eileen
- Watched goblet of fire.

College day. My name is going to be up there someday manzxz. I hope! :D Got stranded w/o my belongings after carrying the chairs.. and went banmian. Cried again! Stupid tomyam ):

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