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July 15, 2009

There go my hopes, thrashed. AGAIN!

D:{ But honestly, I need to be a less materialistic person. But I can't help it! OMG look at those darling coolio awesomeoooo phones with wifi touchscreen qwerty keypad applications imba camera pretty inferface.. sigh!

Guess it's life. Nevermind. It's good to be using a concrete phone (literally) for now. Screams in unison: Yeah right.

/edit/ I just want my beloved w910i back lah! /endedit/

And so, me, being such a slacker, spent hours gazing (with heartfelt longings) at nice phones and watching their youtube videos. Total waste of time considering all the work to do even when IH test is over. Speaking of which, was a weird test because my expectations were completely opposite for econs and history. Anyway, I need to list out homework to remind myself, and serve as a friendly reminder to you too :D (so you can be totally awed and go do your work instead of reading here).

  • Physics assignment
  • Chinese paper :X
  • LA test
  • Math assignment
  • Greenwave ZZZ
Life is so Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lessons today were spent being more muggery (with yunita beside me HAHA JUST JOKING). Spent time doing random stuff which including her drawing the writing on my paper erhum erhum (well to be fair I drew on hers too). Now where did I put that paper...

Shall end off with one of her scribblings.
A day in the life of Jingxin
- No sleep
- blogging
- odd thoughts
- photoshopping
- uniball signo pens
- printing in computer lab
- cream puff
- funny mum
- twittering
- no phone!

Gosh and now I am in depression again. Whine whineeeeee~

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