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June 22, 2009

you are the taylor swift to my guilty pleasure love song

Ok eileen wants me to do a proper post :X Shall so one before going off.

She says I blog for people and not for myself.

Which is true, sadly. Sometimes I'll just type a gigantic huge chunk of text and then backspace everything because it's a blog. And it's all there is to it.

I'll go like, will this hint be too obvious? What if certaincertain people see this and go blahbleeblooo~? what will people think? I admit, I am afraid of opinions. I don't risk tarnishing my 'oh jingxin? the quiet girl?' reputation.

And I can't go beyond that, making estherangel.blogspot.com nothing but a superficial blog. Isn't it sad?

Anyway, back to topic. It's not my fault that I can't blog some stuff out. Some of them backfired at me before, people will come asking 'were you talking about me? what have i done?', 'sorry, if i did all these'. When all I needed was to get some frustration out, relieve my emotions, and not asking for apologies and whatnot.

And what for talk about sensitive issues when they are likely to cause misunderstandings, likely to hurt people? One word: unnecessary. Even worse, I wouldn't even know about it.

Here I am typing typing typing on this computer, and there you are, reading this off your screen, millions of centimetres (haha that was for the impact) away.

See? I wouldn't even know the damage I've caused.

So that's it for blogging. Till the day I 开窍 (sorry i can't find the translation), perhaps I'll just be solely writing for people, and not for me.

Till then! Haha.

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