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June 13, 2009


Note: To lazy to photoshop edit photos.

So I didn't finish chinese yesterday.
Not even half of it.
But I don't really care anymore.

Have been quite bad-tempered since tuesday, sorry. Someone invite me for study sessions! Bad atmosphere at home.

Thought I owed a post. Here goes.

Starting from tuesday.

Went Jurong swimming complex which was really stupid and retarded because everything was closed except the kids playground and the stupid slide that made me swallow gulps of water and choke until I nearly died. So i became a stone and stoned at the side of the pool which was also really stupid of me because I stayed there for more than 3 hours and nearly freezed to death.

Near death experiences, I'd say.

On the way home I discovered this awesome phototaking thingo where you aim at the nightlights and shake the camera so it takes this weirdo photo. So my brothers (three, mind you) were fighting for the camera to take the photos until the battery became flat.

The masterpiece.

Physical training early wednesday morning. Reserved comments.

Banmain at Roxy. Attempted tomyam again and cried. EILEEN I WANT MY NICE ONETHIRD TOMYAM BANMIAN!!

I have a weird liking to roam about a library if you didn't know. Went to marine parade library, borrowed 'Love, Stargirl' (which is a really nice book btw) and a couple of craft books for my brothers (and me).


Then I spent the rest of the day making this paper neckalace (which is really pretty when we were finished) and reading stargirl. Which explains the photo I posted up few days ago. And still going to play badminton in the evening. Felt like I was like ten years old again. Didn't touch any work at all.

Thursday's chinese remedial. Only that it wasn't really not a remedial, just feels better to say it is.

This is what you get when you're supposed to be doing chinese work but didn't feel like it.

More bombardment of chinese.


Friday was supposed to be:

But I didn't as you already know.

I think when I don't want to do work I just start a photospam of whatever's in front of me. My table.

Dried roses, from my beloved mortal, vanessa, during friendship day.

Maggi mee fork!!! Snap-snap-snap. Don't know why I love it so. Reminds me of yishun safra days.

Actually I took x5 of the things posted up. No guesses of what, heheh.

Irreversible change D:

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