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June 21, 2009


I wish there was more magic in my life.

Feeling quite grouchy. And really i-don't-know-how-to-explain but just depressed that I'm not attending AHSchoir concert next tuesday. Which is kinda stupid, cos I if I wanted to go I can just freaking go and buy the freaking tickets right. Stupid jing.

I really really, really miss singing. I don't not understand why the most obvious reason of me leaving is the one that I'm missing most about the school.

There something wrong with me, thinking that my life is unfufilled. Much as I don't feel like voicing it out here. (Knowing the handful of people who I know read my blog, other than my beloved only-tagger eileen.) I look at all these people around me, and in comparision I'm just lazing around letting moments past. I guess there were opportunities, some I tried to grab, some I tried to but couldn't, some I didn't. And knowing there's just six months back to mainstream life, I feel that it's just quite wasted, like I could have done more.

Which would make me think again about life if I hadn't left. Concerts, syf, Olomouc..

But I know I'm not regretting, which comforts me a real deal. The idea's just that things could be better, but it isn't, so oh well.

Two words that stand in between things I yearned for but didn't have the courage to get hold of.

Oh well.

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